What is the best type of Kindle holder for bed in 2022?

What is the best type of Kindle holder for bed in 2022?

Although there are hundreds of Kindle holders in the market, let's go through some of them to find the best Kindle holder for bed in 2022.

Although we bookworms adore a good book’s smell, because of our hectic lifestyles, having the time to read a book in peace is rare.

But, thanks to Kindle, we can browse, download and read any E-Book from anywhere in the world.

However, one question still remains—how do we read books in bed with a Kindle? Of course, a plethora of Kindle holders are out there. But finding one that doesn’t restrict our movements or numb our hands, that’s the challenge.

Well, don’t fret! We’ve got the perfect type of kindle holder for bed that’ll save you from buying multiple Kindle holders for multiple occasions. Here we go!

  1. Strapsicle

First up is nothing but a showstopper, i.e. Strapsicle!

It is a flexible and versatile kindle holder that you can use literally anywhere. Train, at the hairdresser, beach, bathroom, you name it, Strapsicle is there to sate your cravings for reading.

Strapsicle comes with 2 straps, and you can easily slip one or both straps together for more security and symmetry. It is safe to say that Strapsicle is the handiest Kindle holder for bed. Because it doesn’t restrict your movement, you can read your book the same way as a regular book, but with more comfort.

Better yet, Strapsicle doesn’t require you to hold it in one position, so your fingers and hands won’t get numb. Another bonus is, that you can even store it in your pocket and take it anywhere with zero hassle.

Its pliable straps are suitable for most Kindle models from 2011.

For just $19.95 AUD, you can grab your Strapsicle in vibrant colors including Purple, Sky Blue, Hot Pink, or Mint Green.

2. SAMHOUSING Foldable Tablet Stand

Up next is, SAMHOUSING Foldable Tablet Stand. This Aluminum universal tablet holder is made for smartphones and tablets. You can keep it on your desk, bedside table, headboard, kitchen cabinet, etc.

But, the flip side is that you need to fix it onto your bed or desk. So, when you’re lying on the bed you can’t get move into different positions, toss or turn, because it’s fitted onto one rigid position. Unlike Strapsicle, this holder has so many parts, so, taking it anywhere is pretty tricky too. 

Although it could be ideal for a person who’s sitting in one position, this tablet stand isn’t the best Kindle holder for bed.

That said, if you prefer a firm tablet stand, this is available for US$25.99.

3. Flippy Tablet Pillow Stand

Flippy Tablet Pillow Stand is advertised to be used for an array of devices like smartphones, e-readers, and even physical books. It also comes in more than 15 colors, which is another pro.

You can keep this cozy Kindle holder on your bed, floor, car, or countertop, and it’s portable and lightweight. However, you should place it in a comfortable position each and every time you need to read.

Especially when in bed, you have to hold it and change your position, which is inconvenient. On the other hand, it provides less security for your device compared to other Kindle holders for bed, as its soft surface promotes slipping.

The Flippy stand is available for US$29.00 if you fancy a stand that feels like a pillow.

4. Lamicall adjustable tablet stand

Our last pick is the Lamicall adjustable tablet stand. This Kindle holder is compatible with most devices like smartphones, and tablets. But, it is highly recommended for tablets.

The main downside of this Kindle holder is that it should be stationed on a flat surface like a table or desk and only the upper part of the holder is adjustable.

Moreover, compared to Strapsicle, it is not a practical choice as a Kindle holder for bed due to this inflexibility. Placing it on a bedside table is possible, but then again you’ll have to lie on your side the whole time, which is undoubtedly uncomfortable.

You can purchase this chic Lamicall tablet stand in 4 colors for US$20.99.

In conclusion

Voilà! Now you have 4 Kindle holders to choose from.

However, none of them top Strapsicle in terms of versatility, flexibility, portability, security, and affordability.

For instance, if you go for a Lamicall tablet stand, you need to buy different Kindle holders for different purposes.

No Kindle holder for bed can beat Strapsicle!

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