July 2024 Reading Recommendations

There's nothing quite like getting lost in a dark, captivating book to keep you company on your holiday adventures.
Whether you're lounging by the pool or relaxing on a sandy beach with a drink in one hand and your Kindle in your other, we've curated a selection of thrilling reads that will keep you hooked from the first page to the last.

All while keeping your e-reader securely in place, of course!


1. "Butcher & Blackbird" by Brynne Weaver

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Rival murderers Sloane and Rowan form an unlikely bond, sharing a dark passion for killing other serial killers. As their friendship turns into love, they face a deadly game against the country's most dangerous monsters. Can they escape the restless ghosts of their past, or have they finally met their match?

Find it here: Butcher & Blackbird


2. "Fairy Tale" by Stephen King 
Fairy Tale by Stephen King

High schooler Charlie Reade meets a dog named Radar and it's reclusive owner, Howard Bowditch. After Bowditch's death, Charlie discovers a cassette revealing a hidden portal to another world in Bowditch's shed. This spellbinding story blends terror and imagination, showcasing King at his finest.

Read more here: Fairy Tale
3. "The Familiar" by Leigh Bardugo

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A scullion using scraps of magic, catches the eye of Antonio Pérez, the disgraced secretary to Spain's king. As she navigates a perilous world of seers, alchemists, and intrigue, her rising notoriety threatens to expose her Jewish heritage to the Inquisition. With the help of the immortal familiar Guillén Santangel, Luzia must use all her cunning to survive.

Grab your copy here: The Familiar

4. "Favorite Girl" by Monica Arya

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Demi Rao escapes her captor and takes a strange job with the wealthy Ivory family. As she settles into their pristine estate, Demi discovers dark secrets, a lethal experiment, and a chilling truth: the Ivory family has always known her and planned her entire life.

Explore it here: The Favorite Girl

5. "The Mime Order" by Samantha Shannon

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Fugitive Paige Mahoney escapes Oxford and returns to London, hungry for revolution. Facing the all-seeing Republic of Scion and her brutal employer, Jaxon Hall, Paige aims to expose the syndicate's corruption. As she vies for the Rose Crown, both sides of an ancient conflict seek her talents.

Check it out here: The Mime Order
6. "This Wretched Valley" by Jenny Kiefer
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Dylan's trip to climb a newly discovered cliff in Kentucky turns into a nightmare. Seven months later, three decayed bodies are found, but Dylan remains missing. Were the climbers murdered, victims of cannibalism, or something more sinister? This debut will shock you with its final twist.

Read it for yourself: This Wretched Valley
7. "Anatomy" by  Dana Schwartz
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Hazel Sinnett, an aspiring surgeon, and Jack Currer, a resurrection man, form an unlikely alliance in 19th-century Edinburgh. Hazel must rely on Jack to provide corpses for her studies after being banned from medical lectures. As they navigate societal challenges and mysterious disappearances, they uncover dark secrets buried within Edinburgh.

Check it out here: Anatomy
8. "My Husband" by  Maud Ventura

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A forty-year-old woman with a seemingly perfect life—successful career, beautiful home, healthy children, and an ideal husband—obsessively ensures her relationship remains perfect. But as she meticulously prepares for every encounter and tests her husband's love, she realises she may have gone too far.

Explore it here: My Husband
9. "Lessons in Corruption" by  Giana Darling

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An eighteen-year-old heir to a criminal motorcycle club becomes entangled with his teacher. What begins as a forbidden attraction quickly escalates into a dangerous liaison with life-threatening consequences.

Download it here: Lessons in Corruption
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