• Universal Compatibility

  • Secure Grip

  • High-Quality Protection

Get the best Kindle accessory (fits Kobos too!)

Each Kindle set comes with two different straps - for left or right-handed use, or both for extra security.

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Lilac Straps - Set of Two

Brilliant combination

Thanks for the straps, case and stickers. They’re great! I’m new to having a Kindle and am so grateful I stumbled along your website……. my only complaint is I wish your new kindle pouches were out now!

Lilac Straps - Set of Two


Great quality stickers!

It’s good

Game changer!

I used to be so worried my Kindle would fall on the floor or on my face but thanks to these straps it’s locked in place! Also amazing customer service!

LOVE this. No more dropping my reader on my head haha. Nice soft comfy cute product. Highly recommended. Super happy with this purchase.

worth every penny

perfect addition to my kindle, i love that you can have one or both in use. this product has made my reading experience so much more enjoyable. i would highly recommend. plus fast delivery, they arrived about 5 days earlier than i expected.


Changed my life!

Candy Pink Straps - Set of Two

Game changer

This is literally perfect. I used to struggle with holding my Kindle on the train and in bed, but not anymore! Great quality, perfectly sized!

Clear Case + Straps Bundle

2015 Paperwhite (7th gen)

I was a bit worried about sizing as I know my Paperwhite is older.
It fits perfectly! So comfy to hold and my only regret is the time I wasted worrying and not owning this!!!

Black Straps - Set of Two

Stunning 😍

The colours in the photo don't do the actual straps justice. I want them for my oasis too but sadly they don't come in that size. Beautifully done

Best Accessory for my Kindle!

Love the case and the strap, much better than using popsocket. It fits nicely on my Kindle and it’s flat! I can bring my Kindle anywhere with no problem. Thank you!

Great design

Love the colour. Very comfortable and secure.
No more slipping out of my hand and hitting either me or the floor.

Comfortable straps and beautiful colour


Love the new colour combos and how well they fit my kindle!!

I love my strapsicle!

Did I need another strapsicle.. no BUT

I couldn’t help myself - the Bondi blue/candy pink straps are gorgeous! Very happy with them! No regrets!

Colour smash Lilac & Peach

Omg I just love them, still haven’t taken them off my kindle since I got them.

Gorgeous colour and an absolute game changer for kindle reading!

Love my case and strapsicle! I put stickers on my case and I'm in love. The straps allow me to read on my side without dropping my kindle. I even fell asleep and woke up with my kindle still in my hand!

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