Meet Lou (with Ben & Archie)

I love my Kindle. 

Before Archie was born, I’d spend hours reading with it. So, during those late nights of nursing with a newborn, I’d pass the time with my Kindle. 

But late one night, in a haze of sleeplessness, I dropped my Kindle. And it landed on poor Archie’s head. 

Suffice to say,  it was upsetting for all concerned.  

The next day Ben fashioned a makeshift Kindle holder, made of silicone.
With that attached,  there was no way I could drop it.  Even if I fell asleep, the Kindle stayed in my hand.
It wasn’t perfect, but it certainly did the job; and so the very first Strapsicle prototype was born. 

Fast forward through multiple prototypes;  going back and forth with the designers and the product developers to perfect it; the shape, the material, the tension. 

We know that people who love to read their Kindles often complain of hand cramps, dropped devices, and neck strain.

With Strapsicle, we landed on the perfect product.
Super comfortable, made of soft, high quality silicone. Easy to slip on and off.  You can never drop it!  And it also looks great - a perfect accessory you can colour match to any outfit or mood.

It’s been a long and challenging  journey even just getting to this point.But the thing that keeps us going is the incredible responses we get almost every day.

People have fallen in love with Strapsicle. You can feel it when you read the reviews

Strapsicle has helped people love reading again, those who would normally find holding a Kindle difficult or painful; people suffering from Arthritis,  Parkinsons, RSI, they can now use Strapsicle as a Kindle holder for comfortable reading! 

Knowing that we have helped make that possible, means the world to us. 

We hope you love it as much as we do. 

Happy reading! 

Lou (Ben and Archie)

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