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Strapsicle is the smart, simple accessory for Kindles and Kobos that helps you read more comfortably, anytime and anywhere.

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What e-readers does Strapsicle fit?


    Size Small

    • (2022) 11th Generation
    • (2019) 10th Generation
    • (2018) Paperwhite 4
    • (2016) 8th Generation
    • (2014)  Voyage
    • (2012) Paperwhite 1
    • (2011) - 4th Generation
    • Paperwhite 2 & 3 - will be a snug fit

    Size Large

    • (2021) Paperwhite 6.8" / Signature Edition
    • Kindle Fire 7"


    Size Oasis


    Size Small

    • Kia
    • Glo
    • Nia
    • Clara HD

    Size Oasis

    • Libra 2
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How To Use Your Strapsicle™

  • Vibrant range of colours

    Available in a range of pop colours to really make a statement.  

  • Slip on and off in seconds

    Simple and easy to take on and off, yet stays securely attached. No sticky residue.

  • Comfortable reading in any position

    Enjoy reading for longer, without your hands getting tired or numb. 

  • Lightweight and flexible

    Made of high quality silicone for a soft texture and maximum comfort.

Everyone loves Strapsicle!

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Our Story

Meet Ben & Lou (and Archie)

Strapsicle was one of those ideas that had been kicking around Ben’s brain for a few years.

It wasn’t until Archie was born, and in the hazy early days of sleep / feed / repeat, that we realised there was a real need for this product. During a marathon nursing session, out of sheer tiredness, Lou accidentally dropped her Kindle on poor little Archie’s face (he’s fine btw).

Fast forward a year, and here we are. Our first product is live and more to come!

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Fancy a strap for your ipad, or another e-reader?

We’re working on it! To be one of the first to try new Strapsicle products for FREE, simply register your details on our wait list!